Commitment to quality and food safety

Quality and food safety are not the result of chance. They are the result of management’s commitment and the daily involvement of all employees.


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Management commitment

We provide global logistics services, including packing and repacking solutions for powdered food ingredients intended for the manufacture of human and animal food products. Our mission is to ensure the quality of the services rendered to our customers and to guarantee the food safety of the products entrusted to us while ensuring fast and cost-effective services.

Our main ambitions are the following:

To satisfy the requirements of each customer, by:

• Listening carefully to the needs and expectations of each customer,
• The strict respect of the contractual, legal and regulatory requirements,
• Offering the most cost-effective services including adapted bagging, de bagging, crushing and sieving solutions.

To guarantee the quality and food safety of the products taken in charge, according
, to:

• ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 for human food, including strict compliance with hygiene rules,
• The FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) for animal feed, notably the application of good practices,
• BIO to certify that our packaging and storage processes comply with organic production methods,
• Customer specifications, in particular the application of good practices specific to each product.

To constantly improve our services, in order to optimize the company’s performance, by:

• Continuously improving the quality of our services, our processes and methods,
• Ensuring the safety and health of our employees,
• Optimizing the environmental impact of our activities,
• Rationalizing our services, to serve our customers at the best cost.

Company policy

The management of quality and food safety is a priority of our policy.

We are committed to implementing all the necessary means to provide services that comply with regulatory requirements and the demands of our customers in terms of food safety and to constantly improve the quality of our services, while ensuring the sustainability of the company.

In order to make the objectives of our company project evolve, we commit ourselves to check their relevance and coherence, notably during an annual management review.

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